My Story-Anna Jules-Star Consultant-Paparazzi Accessories

I was introduce to this business in 2019 through my sister because I was always complaining that I was tired and ready to retire because of the long crazy hours at my full time job  and the wear and tear on my body .My plan was to get my inventory and work my business part time .I decided to learn and I absorb the information. I saw the vision and have not look back since. Moving forward to 2020 told myself I am going to fulfill my dream and retire .I became a Paparazzi Star Consultant and in line to become a Director and lead Team Sparkle UP. I said to myself God is good. I get so much joy selling my $5 jewelry and putting a smile on someone's face all the time.

Its just not jewelry its Empowerment, Independence and bringing confidence to you and your family to gain financial freedom. This is real and I am a living testimony .It would be my pleasure to be your leader, mentor and help you to grow your and  develop Strong men and women entrepreneurs. My Goal is to sponsor  500 Families giving them  a chance to be their own Boss by sharing this opportunity to earning 6 figures . I challenge you to join me today an I promise you won't regret your decision!.  Click Here to join.